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Strategic and commercial decisions


Strategic and commercial decisions The future opportunities that a company creates often result from the strategy and mission of the company. As a trusted person of the entrepreneur, we are happy to act as a sounding board when drawing up these strategies. Our knowledge of the financial and commercial operations of the company is a plus. Related Services Takeover guidance The transfer or takeover of [Lees verder]

Cash flow planning and budgeting


Cash flow planning and budgeting What is the impact of customer and supplier credit on your cash flow? When should you provide an extra buffer? How can you deal with surplus cash? All pertinent questions that you as an entrepreneur are confronted with. Our user-friendly tools give you a numerical insight into this and we provide the explanation and listen to your needs. Related Services [Lees verder]

Takeover guidance


Takeover guidance Takeovers and mergers are rapidly gaining momentum both nationally and internationally. In various sectors, cross-border transactions are an excellent tool for acquiring a market share. In particular the manner in which companies are bought and sold has a significant impact on the assets and value of the company. In this sense, it is crucial to receive expert support in this matter right from the start. For many years now Konsilanto has [Lees verder]