About Konsilanto

All entrepreneurs can use support to make their dreams a reality and expand their enterprises. They all need to be able to rely on a sounding board, someone with business knowledge, who can help them think critically and provide the necessary feedback, someone who gives greater strength and resilience to dynamic entrepreneurship.

By providing financial transparency and appropriate legal and fiscal guidance, Konsilanto can offer precisely this realistic support and advice to both large and small entrepreneurs.

A transparent mission

As a full-service accountancy firm, we offer an integrated service to entrepreneurs and business organisations, alongside our core activities in accountancy and tax consultancy services.

In our approach to the services we offer, we pay particular attention to high quality consultancy services and to elucidating the various facets within business practices. Our approach to our stakeholders is based on open dialogue and mutual commitment.

The basis for our service is a people-oriented corporate culture in which the advancement of every staff member and the organisation is pivotal. We work together with our clients with the same progress-oriented view. We are convinced that this approach adds value to the guidance that we offer to businesses.

In summary: ‘from person to person, from business to business …’

Our intention

Throughout our cooperation, you can count on a team of experienced people who, dependent on your specific situation, can offer you support on the grounds of their specialisation and expertise.
As a team we make every effort to:
  • supply well-founded advice on the basis of the technical content, keeping an eye on cause and effect;
  • consider matters with you, as the entrepreneur, by actively paying attention to the (middle to) long term;
  • continue investing in the knowledge and expertise of our professionals;
  • remain alert to the changing needs of your enterprise within the framework of cooperation.

Our starting point is one of “co-responsibility” between the accountant and entrepreneur. Together we will ensure that the sum is greater than the constituent parts. Consequently, we attach great importance to openness and direct communication, with space for a new approach and alternative solutions.By means of our specific approach, you, as a client, will be able to combine the strength of expertise of a large office with the advantages of individual support.

Our clients

Konsilanto focuses on international groups, large and small SMEs, liberal professions and self-employed people.

Due to our mix of employees and their range of backgrounds, we are able to offer added value to each of these entrepreneurs and enterprises. Both our clients’ appreciation of our work and the significant diversity of clients in our portfolio strengthen our conviction in this respect.