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Accounting and follow-up


Accounting and follow-up Periodical processing of your figures is a must for the modern entrepreneur. After the end of the financial year, we will take care of all legal formalities such as depositing the financial statements, assistance with the preparation of reports arising from the annual meeting and the filing of the company income return, the personal income tax return or the non-profit association tax return. Related Services [Lees verder]

Financial reporting as a basis for control


Financial reporting as a basis for control The financial statements no longer meet the information needs of the business world. Business managers also want to be kept informed of the financial developments of their company during the year. We can provide monthly or quarterly reports to meet this need. Not only business managers but also lenders, suppliers and customers benefit from frequent reporting. This should enable companies to convert strategies into measurable plans [Lees verder]

Digital accounting platform – The Konsilanto App


Digital accounting platform - The Konsilanto App The effects of digitization are fully underway in the accounting world. We provide you with continuous access to our online accounting platform, the Konsilanto App, where you can digitally consult your documents, prepare your payments, continuously consult your figures, monitor your outstanding customers and suppliers, etc. This low-threshold platform allows you to easily and proactively track your figures. Related services [Lees verder]